Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to “Mark-It-Pink”!

Excited is an understatement! I can’t believe I am FINALLY launching my website, and services! Before I jump into all the good info. For those who may or may not know me – Hello, I’m Pinky Guerrero and I am the Creative Director for “Mark-It-Pink”! (EEEK!) It still sounds SO weird, to me!

I have been freelancing as a Marketer for over 7 + years (Yikes!), I decided to finally bite the bullet as they say, and launched THIS! It was a long time coming, and one that was most definitely worth the wait.

My goal is to help you bring your vision to life, through the digital world! I say, collaboration is key. We do this together and we work together! Whether its creating a new brand or needing a new logo, needing to change your marketing strategies, or simply learning to grow your audience. I can help you by providing a checklist of tools to ensure that we are utilizing and implementing the best marketing tactics, utilizing the best content, and targeting the right audience!

I look forward to sharing with you what I have learned in the digital world, and hope to collaborate with you in your future endeavors! Most importantly, thank you for joining me on this journey!


Pinky Guerrero [Creative Director, Mark-It-Pink]

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