Web Design/Social Media Platforms

Your website is going to be one of the tools utilized to drive your business forward. Your website should be built in a way to not only communicate your mission but, also to engage your target audience and also guide them through your brand, and provide opportunities to learn more about you. My goal is to bring your website vision to life.

Web Design/Social Media Platform Process

Web Design/Social Media Platform Process: Web design and Social Media Platform creation is probably one of my most favorite tasks! It’s the ultimate marketing tool that showcases your brand or business. I value your opinions and your mission, and I want to be able to bring your vision forward through your website. Our goal and purpose in web designing is that it should communicate your mission in order to attract and engage your audience, as well as provide opportunities for your audience to get to know who you are and the brand/business. Its a very collaborative effort and a fun one at that!

  • Consultation: It all starts with first impressions, prior to jumping into a project, I like to get to know you, and learn about your venture (business, brand, organization, etc). I want to know your vision for your brand, and learn about the purpose that drives your business forward. We will talk current marketing strategies, your vision and goals.
  • Design Board: I’ll have you put together color schemes, logos, objects, etc. things that represent your brand or business. OR if you already have a logo, colors, etc. we can amplify or re-design it to fit in with your new website.
  • Design: The creative part of web site design is being able to put together your visions for your website. In this process we will utilize your board to bring it to life via web design.
  • Content: Content is IMPORTANT! What you place on your website will reflect on what your brand or business is like. We will work together on putting together proper content and provide you with a tailored marketing strategy.
  • Development: The final stages of web design. We will iron out any kinks, and I will show you how to maintain the website. And, make sure its everything you ever wanted!
  • Launch: Your website will go LIVE and provide you a marketing strategy for pre and post-launch!


  • Please allow 24-48 hours in response to inquiries
  • All Packages and Services require a $50 non-refundable deposit prior to beginning the project. This deposit goes towards the total amount. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project. Balance must be fulfilled prior to completed project being released to client.
  • Each project has a different time frame dependent on the client and their specific needs. Branding services time frame range from 1-3 weeks, where as web design can take between 1-2 months.
  • All services and packages are deemed final and any corrections or updates needed after project completion will require additional fees.


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